Do you ever hav…

Do you ever have moments? I think my life is full of them, a jigsaw of experiences catching my breath, causing me to stop and breathe in the beauty of life around me.

These moments cause me to fall in love or maybe it is life that is falling in love with me, sending beauty my way to remind me that i am loved, it may be the simplest of things but that’s what makes it ever more so romantic. The blackbirds singing, breezes dancing around my arms and shoulders, sunlight laying down with me amongst the grass. Smoking chimneys, light glowing from houses at dusk, the open blue sky, reminding me i am free, to live and to experience. The poetry laced throughout the everyday although simple, romances my heart picking me up, throwing me in the air to catch me and whisper:
“You are home.”
These moments remind me, no matter where i am, home will always be within me.